A web and a graphic designer, a video editor, a blogger, a videographer and a photographer.

Everything started with a film camera that I was asked to maneuver during an event in my high school days. I got so amazed on how it grasped those captivating moments and record them in a film which will serve as a lifetime memorabilia of that occasion.

After that experience, I really thought I will never encounter such incident anymore as we cannot afford to have a camera. So that interest faded slowly which I didn't even bother to reminisce again.

Then years later, I was able to get a bachelor degree however, it wasn't related to photography not even to any artistic-related training. Fortunately, a twist of my fate started when I was hired for my second job. I was appointed as a Chief Video Editor to one of the well-known Wedding Photography Studio in Metro Manila, Philippines. That chance enkindled once again the forgotten desire to indulge myself into the world of Photography and this time I once again handled a camera not just a simple one but a digital camera - Canon 10D.

Within those two and a half years that I was working with them, the hidden creativity which I never known had awaken. My skills were no longer confined with what I learned from my degree which I pursued but it was enhanced into something better, something which I never expected that will lead my career to where I am now.

Fast forward, I changed my field to web designing in the year 2006.

I was hired in Oman in the year 2008 as a Web designer. After I shifted my career from being a full time Video Editor/Photographer to a Web designer, that passion and creativity are still teeming in my nerves. Within that year, I didn't even have my own photography gear not even a point and shoot camera.

Up until 2009 came, when a number of Filipino photography enthusiasts formed a group called Philippine Expat Photographers – Oman in which I became a member of it. This was the time when a big leap of my dream happened when I had my very first DSLR - Canon 7D.

From then on, my hobby did thrive into greater heights focusing on landscape, travel and people photography which can be proved by my personal interview from TheWeek dated 10 October 2012: The Serial Contributors

Marlon began sending his photographs into TheWeek in 2009 and was featured for the first time in April 2010, where one of his images was printed in issue 371. Out of all the photographs Marlon has submitted for the Offbeat section, he estimates around 11 have been used to date. He went on to win third prize in the Valentine’s Heart Shape Photo Contest.

On why he contributes, Marlon said, “Oman has a lot of beautiful spots and being a photo enthusiast, it is an honor and a great privilege for me to capture the scenic spots of this country. I might not be a renowned photographer, but at least I was able to showcase the beauty of the Sultanate while enjoying my hobby.” He believes that it is important for TheWeek to encourage reader’s interaction because it shows other point of views to the public. Marlon added, “I believe that there is so much information out there that must be conveyed, which is not available from any search engine online or quoted from books, but are based on experiences during day to day life.”


  • Photography 85%

  • Web Design 90%

  • Video Editing 80%

  • Blogging 70%

Photography gears

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8
Canon Speedlite 580EX II
Kata bag DR-467 DL
Nikon 3100 with Nikor 18-55mm Kitlens
Lots of Lexar Card

Editing Hardware and Software

Macbook Pro 17" Early 2011
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Nik Software

Web Designing Gears and Softwares

Macbook Pro 17" Early 2011
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Coda 2
Sublime Text 2



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