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August 29, 2016

Top Online Shopping Websites in Oman

The convenience on how to achieve and find any information from internet is one of the advantages of this technology era. If you wish to find location of that newly opened restaurant that making a buzz from the social media, you can have it my simple taps and scroll from your internet connected mobile device. Isn’t wonderful that almost everything is already on our fingertips?

I moved in Oman 9 years ago, and during that time, there are no online store yet that is locally based. Imagine that one day while I was browsing and suddenly a certain product online caught my interest and I really wanted to have that in no time. What I did is to create an account with a company that provides a local address, let us say in US and forward your goods internationally.

The only disadvantages of this method is I am paying more on the shipping fees alone if I am buying single products.

Those were the days that I am wishing that someday, Oman will have also those online shopping websites that you can simply order your goods by a few mouse clicks.

Fast forward to these days, there are already some online shopping websites that you just seat at the comfort of your home, order, pay and wait for the delivery. From mobile phone, laptop, computer accessories, jewelries, perfumes and photography equipment, you name it and you can now have them by just buying them online.

Check out these online shopping websites:




Lulu Webstore








Did I miss any online shopping store? Let me know by commenting them below and I will add them to the list.